My golden rules...


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1Try new things otherwise how will you know what your good at? Everything is always hard at first. When hours pass and it feels like seconds, you know you are on the right track.

2Give with your heart and be kind. People will take advantage, but some won’t – they’ll become your life long friends or the perfect stranger you’ll never forget.

3Every girl needs a stylist. I’m lucky, as one of my closest friends is truly the best. She changed my life.

4Life will sometimes suck, really bad but it will always be ok in the end. I promise.

5Buy yourself a luxe item once in a while and use it to your hearts content. For the love all things holy don’t wait for a special occasion.

6Have lots of acquaintances, but a handful of good friends. As life goes on, you’ll quickly learn who they are.

Kinga Mroz-Dyrda, Edmonton Wedding Photographer

7Eat organics. Drink structured water. Do daily gentle cleansing. Your body will thank you.

8Money buys a house, but not a home. Happiness is about the little things. As you get older you realize there is nothing more important.

9Music is awesome. It can spark the deepest of emotions; make your heart sing and everything else in between. Make a playlist of your TOP life-hits and play as required.

10Travel. See the world.